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A One-day conference about all things Javascript.

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About Full Stack Conf

The beautiful city of Portland, Oregon will be the host city for Full Stack Conf!

Explore the future of JavaScript with a lineup of industry professionals. Discover new techniques to advance your career as a web developer.

Expert Speakers

Our expert speaker lineup was just announced, so don't wait too long before grabbing your tickets!

Want to meet the international JavaScript community and share skills with some of the world's top experts, hackers, and makers? Be the first to know what to expect for the future of JavaScript.

Full Stack Conf is committed to being inclusive and welcoming for everyone. We look forward to another intensive day of learning and sharing.

What You'll Learn

  • MongoDB: NoSQL database
  • Angular: JavaScript framework
  • Express: Framework for Node
  • Node.js: JavaScript environment
  • ES2015: Latest version of JavaScript
  • Babel: JavaScript compiler


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Angie McAngular

Angie is a web developer and teacher who is passionate about building scalable, data-driven websites, especially ones that address old problems with new tech.

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"NodeStra" is a software engineer and philosopher trying to leave the world better than he found it. He codes for non-profits, eCommerce, and large-scale web apps.

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Geo "Lo" Cation

Geo is a JavaScript developer working on large-scale applications. He's also a teacher who strives to support students in removing all barriers to learning code.

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Ecma Scriptnstuff

Ecma found her passion for computers and programming over 15 years ago. She is excited to introduce people to the wonderful world of JavaScript.

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Jay Query

Jay is a developer, author of CSS: The Missing Manual, JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual, and web development teacher.

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Json Babel

All of his professional life, Json has worked with computers online; he is a polyglot programmer and likes using the right tools for the job.


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